“According to my own system and logic, I am interested in identifying an emotional and spiritual world”.

Mixed media artist Joanneke Meester collaborating for ten years in an artist collective, which dedicated itself primarily to realising large-scale works in the public space. Since 2002 Meester focuses on the development of personal, autonomous work. She studied at the Fine Art Academy and got her Master degree on the Sandberg Institute and completed a Master of Philosophy ‘Artist and World’ in Amsterdam. Her works have been presented in public space and in various international art institutions, galleries and museums including the Centre Pompidou, Moca Shanghai, Hara Tokyo.

In 2004 Joanneke Meester gained international fame with a pistol she made with her own skin. In her recent  text-based work social awareness remains to her practice. Her installations and collages are an exploration of the layering and complexity in language and realising this within image, coming closer to answering the existential questions. Her personal experiences, the quotes and statements of others often form the starting point of her work. To communicate with as broad a public as possible she uses recognisable forms and interaction places an increasingly larger role in her work.  In this manner she placed yellow traffic signs with appropriate texts in the public space and she made a daily calendar where she asked 365 artists to respond to a statement she had written: I am not doing anything until I feel the need. This collaborative artwork will be available in bookshops and museum shops in the Netherlands.



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